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Alcon Pharmaceuticals, Surgical and Vision Care

Alcon, the second-largest division of Novartis, is the global leader in eye care. Alcon develops and manufactures innovative medicines and devices to serve the full life cycle of eye care needs. Lapidot Medical represents Alcon’s comprehensive product portfolio, including its leading vision care and ophthalmic surgical products.

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An innovative drug company devoted to providing drug products that help improve the quality of life of patients with debilitating and life-threatening diseases. ApoPharma is focused on the discovery and development of new treatment options for hematological conditions where iron plays a role, neurodegenerative diseases and immune-related conditions.

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B. Braun

B. Braun supplies the global healthcare market with products for anesthesia, intensive medicine, cardiology, extra corporeal blood treatment and surgery, as well as services for hospitals, general practitioners and the homecare sector. The company contributes with innovative products and services towards optimizing working procedures in hospitals and medical practices all over the world and improving safety for patients, doctors and nursing staff.

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Carl Zeiss‬‏

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the optics and optoelectronics industries. Lapidot Medical represent Zeiss with a wide range of top eyeglass lenses and optical tools. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, ZEISS stands for maximum visual comfort and offers innovative solutions for the changing digital world.

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One of the leading eyewear companies in the world with a direct sales network in the world’s major countries and distribution partners in more than 65 countries. 

Read more: https://www.charmant.com/

De Rigo

De-Rigo is one of the leading Italian eyeware companies in the world. 

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A global player for conception, planning and integration of water treatment, concentrate supply and media supply systems for dialysis centers.

Read more: www.dwa-online.com

Etnia Barcelona

The Etnia Barcelona brand was created in 2001 with the idea of being the most creative and colorful brand in the international optical industry, creating unique eyewear whose value lies in the design of its colors. The stylistic freedom that absorbed the philosophy implemented in the design team seemed limitless, and the brand’s independence compared to other firms was strengthened with each collection launch, creating a world apart. 

Read more: http://www.etniabarcelona.com/


A pioneer pharmaceutical company in the field of women's health. 

Read more: www.exelgyn.com

Halyard Health

Halyard Health is a medical technology company focused on advancing health and healthcare by preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery. The company delivers clinically-superior products and solutions in infection prevention, surgical solutions, respiratory health, digestive health, pain management and IV therapy.

Read more: www.halyardhealth.com

Intermedt Medizin & Technik GmbH

Intermedt specializes in planning, constructing and manufacturing of automated concentrate production systems for dialysis centers.
It is considered a pioneer in the field of fully automated in-house dialysis-concentrate production systems and provides also software solutions for monitoring and administration of medical production procedures. Intermedt is certified in compliance with EN ISO 13485:2012 to manufacture medical products.

Read more: www.intermedt.de

Laerdal ®

Laerdal develops and manufacturers first aid and emergency medicine with an emphasis on training, including CPR and ALS manikins and other products for resuscitation training, Immobilization products for stabilizing injured patients during evacuation, defibrillation products and more.

Read more: www.laerdal.com

Leica Microsystems

Leica is a world leader in providing innovative microscopy, camera and software solutions for imaging and analysis of macro-, micro- and nanostructures. The company offers system solutions in the areas of Life Science including biotechnology and medicine, as well as the science of raw materials and industrial quality assurance.

Read more: www.leica-microsystems.com

Limbs and Things Ltd.

Limbs and Things designs, manufactures and promotes clinical and surgical skills training products. The company is dedicated to improving patient care by supporting healthcare professionals in their training. Limbs and Things' catalogue includes simulators for physical examination and procedural skills, anatomical models and multimedia education materials. The company headquarters is based in Bristol (UK), with subsidiary offices in USA, Australia and Sweden. Limbs and things products are also sold throughout the rest of the world using an expanding network of over 80 distributors.

Read more: limbsandthings.com

Mizuho Medical

Mizuho Medical is one of the leading manufacturers of medical products and surgical instruments worldwide. The company is based in Tokyo, Japan and provides a wide range of surgical tables, Aneurysm clips, head frame and endoscopic instruments.

Read more: http://www.mizuhomedical.co.jp

Mizuho Osi

Mizuho Osi is a U.S. based company founded over 30 years ago and is a leader in the specialty surgical table and patient positioning markets. Mizuho OSI is part of an international company, Mizuho Ikakogyo Co., Ltd. of Japan, who has more than 90 years of proven innovation in the medical device area.

Read more: www.mizuhosi.com


The Austrian company supplies innovative Rx and OTC products in over 50 countries around the globe. The company specializes in urology, gynecology and allergy therapies, as well as in the area of plant-derived medicines. The company also develops treatments for respiratory infections, urinary incontinence, motion sickness, insomnia, vaginal, dryness, digestion and wound healing.

Read more: www.montavit.com

Nelsons Natural World

The UK’s largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products, including TeethaTM, Spatone® and others. It offers a wide range of natural solutions for the different stages of development.

Read more: www.nelsonsnaturalworld.com

Nihon Kohden

Japan's leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment. The company’s major product lines are patient monitors, electroencephalographs, evoked potential and electromyograph systems, electrocardiographs, defibrillators, and hematology analyzers. Nihon Kohden equipment is well known for its quality and ease of use. Lapidot Medical markets a wide spectrum of the products manufacturers by Nihon Kohden.

Read more: www.nihonkohden.de


A group of companies that focuses on product development, manufacturing, supply logistics and regulatory activities in Europe and around the world. Lapidot Medical markets in Israel the Groups’ stomach cancer treatment - Teysuno.

Read more: www.nordicpharmagroup.com


Novintethical dedicated to the development, marketing and distribution of innovative OTC products.  The company specializes in gastroenterology, women's health and respiratory system. Novintethical's products provide unique solutions to patients with high unmet need and are registered in over 60 countries around the globe.

Read more: http://noventure.com/


Optiswiss, which manufactures ophthalmic lenses from 1937, is the largest and most advanced lens manufacturer in Switzerland. The company leads the optical lenses field thanks to advanced technology and uncompromising quality control.

Over the years, Optiswiss lenses have become synonymous with Swiss quality, precision and sharpness. The company's products are sold today with great success around the world.

Read more: https://www.optiswiss.com/en/


qp is an innovative company that provides unique eyeware designs. Ron Arad, the creative genius behind pq, is widely recognized as one of the most influential designers of our time.


Read more: https://www.pqbyronarad.com/

Pronova Laboratories BV

Pronova Laboratories BV (Pronova) develops, registers, produces and markets over-the-counter medical and cosmetic products. Pronova's products are created to have unique benefits with the purpose to enhance people's lives.

Read more: http://pronovalaboratories.com

Rafarm Pharmaceuticals

RAFARM is a leading European pharmaceutical manufacturer with more than 100 different pharmaceutical products marketed worldwide. Rafarm's products have been acquired, together with manufacturing specifications, by many reputable
pharmaceutical companies through national and multi-national agreements. 

Read more: www.rafarm.gr

Serengeti - Bushnell

Bushnell Outdoor Products has been the industry leader in sports optics & outdoor accessories for over 50 years. Bushnell Outdoor Products is the parent company of several brands, among them: Serengeti.

Read more: http://www.bushnellcenter.eu


An Innovative Swiss based company in the field of opthalmic frames. Swissflex is present globally and builds on high loyalty. It is sold in over 45 countries on all 5 continents. 

Read more: http://www.swissflex-eyewear.com

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