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Lapidot Medical is part of the Lapidot Group, which was founded in 1979 by Ami and Gila Lapidot. Since then, Lapidot has dedicated its business to marketing of medical and life style brands, representing international manufacturers in Israel.

The Lapidot Group started out as Lapidot Company. In 1979 it began representing its first business partner – the Danish Novo Nordisk, marketing diabetes care products, hormone therapy and cancer-drug therapy. As more manufacturers joined the Lapidot partners network, its products portfolio continued to grow and included pharmaceutical products, medical devices and supplies, diagnostics, OTC, nutritionals and consumer healthcare products.

Lapidot’s experts in various areas (marketing, sales, distribution, regulatory) and the company’s unique structure has enabled it to always respond to partners’  and customers’ needs. Throughout the years Lapidot has worked together with its partners to increase their market share, improve products and develop new products that meet the needs of the Israeli healthcare market. Lapidot also served as an "incubator" for independent companies it represented in Israel. As their market share in Israel expanded, these companies established local subsidiaries. Lapidot continued to provide marketing and technical support for some of these subsidiaries, and continues to do so today.

Over time, the company developed into the Lapidot Group, which incorporated its specialty divisions. In 2006 the Lapidot Group acquired Luxembourg Pharmaceuticals, a well known Israeli company that was founded in 1930 and specialized in importing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment and it subsidiary Luxvision that specialized in ophtahlmic lenses and frams. In 2011 the medical division of the Lapidot Group was reorganized and was named Lapidot Medical. In 2016 Luxivision's activity was merged  into Lapidot Medical's activity, a step that reinforced the leadership of Lapidot Medical in the Israeli Vision and Eye Care market. 




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