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Leica M844

Leica M844

An ophthalmic surgical microscope for all posterior and anterior segment surgery.

Product features
A dedicated microscope for eye surgery provides the highest resolution so that surgeon can see even the smallest anatomical details.
The M844 contains the unique technology QuadZoom ™ which enables surgeon and assistant full stereoscopic vision. It gives them 100% of illumination and magnification.
This direct illumination offers best clarity and, contrast and sharp color images at safe low-light levels for surgeon fatigue-free viewing.

Related products

  • RUV800 – a wide-angle viewing system, giving the surgeon, assistant, and video camera the same upright view of the retina.
  • HD C-100 camera solution that displays all resolutions and formats. Data is transferred to external storage devices.
  • TORIC EYE PIECE – a dedicated that enables surgeon to position and align toric intraocular lenses (IOL) efficiently, ensuring optimal correction of astigmatism.

Manufactured by: Leica Microsystems

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