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Dedicated to giving surgeons better imaging access to their patient during many types of procedures, including those requiring total access to the spine. INSITE® offers a radiolucent, cantilevered frame equipped with customizable positioning pads and components.

Unobstructed Imaging: 55” (140 cm) No Metal Zone

Interfaces with the BodyTom™, a portable, full body, multi-slice CT scanner

Unrestricted O-arm® and C-arm access

Prone Positioning Advantages:

- Total spine access

- Open frame design reduces vena cava compression, minimizes bleeding, improves visualization at the surgical site

- Customizable pad and component placement to meet individual patient needs

Positioning Flexibility:

- Patient head orientation can be at the cantilever or the pedestal end


  • Spine: Cervical to Sacrum prone positioning on open frame
  • Orthopedic: Foot/Ankle, trauma where traction is not required – positioning on Supine Top
  • Pain Management
  • General Surgeries without flex required
  • Imaging procedures utilizing the BodyTom™,O-arm® or 3D C-arm

BodyTom™ is a trademark of NeuroLogica Corp.,O-arm® is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc.

Manufactured byMizuho OSI

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