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The DAILIES® Contact Lenses brand provides a wide variety of refreshing comfortable contact lenses solutions, including:

The first water gradient contact lens. Featuring an increase from 33% to over 80% water content from core to surface. At the core: Silic hydrogel material with low water content and high oxygen transmissibility. At the surface: Over 80% water content. DAILIES TOTAL1® benefits Superior lubricity exceeding competitive contact lenses, exceptional comfort from beginning to end of day and SmarTears™ technology that helps address contact lens related dryness through lipid layer stabilization.

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™
Instantly fresh and comfortable at insertion. Moisturizes with every blink, so eyes feel refreshed all day.

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™ Toric
Crisp, clear vision for those with astigmatism. Exclusive all day comfort with blink-activated moisturizes the contact lenses, making it especially suitable for those on-the-go.

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus™ Multifocal
Daily progressive contact lenses (multifocal) - a great alternative to reading glasses or bi-focals. Crisp, clear vision for those with presbyopia.


For additional information please visit our Israeli website: www.visionupgrade.co.il

Manufactured by: Alcon

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