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TASECTAN® is a medical device used to restore the physiological function of the intestinal walls. Tasectan is indicated to assist in the control and reduction the symptoms associated with diarrhea resulting from various causes, such as abdominal tension and frequent defecation.

Gelatin tannate of which the product is composed is not altered in the stomach and acts by forming a film which protects the intestinal mucosa, reducing the frequency and duration of diarrhea episodes.

TASECTAN® is available as oral capsules for use in adults and as a powder for paediatric use.

For additional information please visit our Israeli website: www.tasectan.co.il

Manufactured by: Noventure S.L 


*In case of diarrhea in children below 3 years, mainly when other symptoms are present, we recommend to consult with a physician

TASECTAN® is a medical device/ please refer to patient leaflet before use

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