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TrueVision® 3D

TrueVision® 3D

Leica Microsystems and TrueVision® 3D Surgical bring you the world's first surgical microscope with built-in 3D HD visualization and recording.

Product features:

Enhance your teaching program with 3D education– During surgery, assistants, nurses and students share the same 3D view as the surgeon. Three-dimensional visualization of anatomical structures improves understanding of complex cases and increases knowledge retention. Teaching or presenting in 3D is more engaging for the audience, and will raise the caliber of your teaching program.

Simplify your operating room – 3D Inside means no extra cart, no external cables, and no interruption in your workflow. The compact system saves space in the operating room, and features a single switch for quick startup. Select recording functions, including optional Leica FL800 vascular fluorescence, are seamlessly integrated into the microscope hand controls and can be operated by the surgeon through the sterile drape.

Save Time with Easy Video Editing – Editing surgical videos doesn't have to be a chore. With TrueEdit® from TrueVision Systems, documenting your surgeries in 3D or 2D is as simple as click, drag, drop – sharing surgical video has never been faster or easier. Incorporating an intuitive interface with the versatility to work with multiple media formats, proprietary TrueEdit® software saves you time and energy when compiling video.

Own the Platform for future Applications - Leica Microsystems' OpenArchitecture™ and modular design allow for easy upgrades and integration of digital imaging and data systems. The TrueVision Smart 3D system is the only software-based 3D platform, and is upgradable for future surgical guidance applications.

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Manufactured by: Leica Microsystems

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