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Leica M525 F50

Leica M525 F50

The Leica M525 F50 surgical microscope meets the needs of today’s surgeons – integrating sophisticated features that are unique to even the highest performing microscopes. The multidiscipline Leica M525 F50 offers high performance and value

Product features

Visible Blood Flow– Visualizing perfusion intraoperatively supports surgeon decision making. For the patient and surgeon, this can mean a better surgical outcome. Fluorescence microscopy with the Leica FL800 on the Leica M525 F50 opens a new dimension of vascular imaging.

Enhanced Patient safety with BrightCare™ Light Intensity - optimizes the light intensity relative to the working distance. As working distance decreases, the light intensity is reduced automatically, minimizing incidents of patient burns.

Enhanced Patient safety with AutoIris™ Light Diameter - adjusts the diaphragm so that only the visible area is illuminated. When zoomed in, the light circle adapts automatically: the higher the magnification, the smaller the light circle. This prevents the possibility of heating the tissue outside of the field of view.

Refined Handling – The Leica M525 F50 makes surgery easier because its intuitive functionality allows the surgeon and staff to focus on the surgery, not on the microscope.

A Better Image -The Leica M525 F50 offers options for digital capture of videos and still images in HD

Trusted Reliability - The multidiscipline Leica M525 F50 provides quality and value in every respect: design, engineering, materials, components, operation, and ergonomics. Every part is welldesigned, reliable, and solid. Leica M525 F50 – the best value in surgical microscopes

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Manufactured by: Leica Microsystems

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