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Sugita Titanium Aneurysm Clip II

Sugita Titanium Aneurysm Clip II

Tomorrow's aneurysm management is available today – embodied in the new Sugita Titanium Aneurysm Clip II (T2). T2 isn't an old design recast in new material but rather a truly innovative advancement, patiently evolved from the industry's most trusted and acclaimed design.

Product features

Ultra-Slim Spring – Using cutting-edge technology available exclusively to Mizuho. Designers reduced the already ultra-low Sugita spring profile by 50%, giving surgeons unprecedented ease of handling and greater visibility of local anatomy

Delicately Tapered Blade – A slim blade design with tapered tip allows a smooth approach into deeper, hard-to-reach surgical sites. The finer blade and distal tip contributes to exposure of vital surrounding structures.

Widest Opening Available – The industry's widest blade opening provides greater freedom of movement when maneuvering the clip over the aneurysm neck, while the exclusive Sugita bridgewire system prevents twisting

Atraumatic Blade Impact – The channel-shaped pattern uniformly covers the blade's surface, effectively widening the contact area and improving grip force for a strong, consistent hold. Unique design helps ensure vessel safety by reducing slippage and preventing tissue integrity.

MRI Compatibility – The T2's titanium alloy offers an excellent biological compatibility, durability and resistance for permanent implantation. T2 clips are made of non-ferromagnetic material and be used without influence by MRI up to 3 Tesla

A clip for Every Need – To facilitate treatment of complex aneurysms, the T2 clip is available in a wide variety of blade shapes, lengths and angles. Clip-spring colors match appropriate appliers for fast accurate instrument identification.

Manufactured by: Mizuho Medical

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