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A brand of GELITA MEDICAL, a subsidiary of GELITA AG, a company with more than 135 years of experience and the world’s largest producer of pharmaceutical gelatin. GELITA MEDICAL products have been used in over 100 million procedures worldwide and are a preferred choice of surgeons and medical staff looking for superior performance and innovative solutions in surgical wound management.

Products by GELITA MEDICAL are available in more than 70 countries worldwide through a network of appointed distributors

Product features

GELITA-SPON® STANDARD - Is suitable for general use in all types of surgery. Available in several sizes to accommodate the most efficient usage for individual procedures, it can be easily cut to size. It is used wet for best performance and adapts well to the bleeding site.

GELITA-SPON® RAPID3 - Is an innovative new high-performance hemostat: It can be used straight out of the package and be applied dry directly to the wound without wetting first, saving precious time in the operating theater. It absorbs fluid instantly, up to three times faster than other conventional hemostatic products* – a significant improvement – while retaining its consistency even when saturated.

GELITA-SPON® RAPID3 delivers rapid hemostasis (more than 2 x faster compared to a STANDARD Gelatin sponge)*. The innovative structure of the sponge, with its high surface roughness in the

nanorange, offers enhanced capillary effects and an outstanding hemostatic performance.


GELITA-SPON® POWDER- Can be applied dry in powder form, or as a paste mixed with saline solution. Different consistencies and grades of viscosity can be achieved by varying the powder-to-fluid ratio for optimum use on irregular structures, such as bone, and for filling any cavity or fissure as required. Surgeons and Operating Room staff benefit from the product’s supreme flexibility, adaptability and easy handling.

GELITA-SPON® POWDER can be applied by hand or with a standard syringe to areas that are hard to reach. It is adhesive, especially when applied in sternotomy and craniotomy procedures, it is not known to cause bone dehiscence unlike conventional bone waxes.

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