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Evans Tools

Evans Tools

Product Description:

The gold standard in rotatable endoscopic and cranial neurosurgical instrumentation.


Instrument Set Benefits

  • Ideal for endoscopic approaches to pituitary and micro neurosurgical procedures
  • A solution for surgeons who prefer purely endoscopic or microscopic methods
  • 24 instruments for full range of choices
  • Available in 11cm and 15cm lengths based on surgeon preference

Superior Design

  • 360° Fully Rotatable Shafts
  • Axial bayonet for improved visualization
  • Round easy-hold handles
  • Balanced for comfort
  • Safely prevents rotation when jaws are closed

Procedure Specific

  • Endonasal pituitary surgery
  • Expanded endonasal cranial base procedures
  • Transcranial endoscopic (endo-port) surgery
  • Microscopic cranial surgery
  • Cranial base surgery


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Manufactured by: Mizuho Medical

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